Shipping and reimbursement policy


Nation-wide shipping


Shipping across national territory must be paid in advance via credit / debit card or bank transfer.

The shipping prices you will find on this web page are calculated for ordinary mail through the national post or courier service. You can request the price list for urgent messenger service (FedEx or alike).

If you make a purchase and your package returns to our store, we will offer you the option of sending it again provided that you pay the shipping cost in advance. If the shipping cost was 0, you will be charged 7 Euros for shipping expenses; alternatively, you can get back your money on the same account by which you made the payment discounting 7 Euros as management costs.


International orders


International orders must be paid beforehand by credit / debit card or bank transfer.

The delivery prices you will find on this web page are calculated for ordinary mail delivery through the national post or courier service. Delivery prices through urgent messenger services (FedEx or alike) are available upon request at .Please bear in mind that in some countries, international packages may be held back in the Customs due to additional taxes, and these taxes must be paid by the client on the spot, independently of the invoice generated at this site.

In case of delivery failure (recipient is absent, package refused, incorrect or incomplete address, etc.), EPELCAN will contact you by e-mail attaching the document certifying the attempt to deliver and its failure, in which case the client will be able to opt for a second attempt to deliver the package by paying the shipping expenses. Also, please bear in mind that if the package weighs more than 2 kg, its shipping back from the destination country will cause additional expenses which must be paid by the client.

International shipping by ordinary mail takes approximately 10 work days for Europe and 30 work days for the rest of the world from shipment date.

International shipping through FedEx or other messenger services will take approximately 7 work days for Europe and 10 work days for the rest of the world from the shipment date.


Other terms and conditions


Availability of prices and offers. The products and their prices offered on this website will be available for purchase while they are included in the product catalogue. Prices are valid except in case of a typographical error or misinformation. Users are kindly asked to use the updated versions of the website in order to avoid errors in prices.

Safety. The whole process of purchase and the customer’s personal data transmission are guaranteed as totally safe and confidential due to HTTPS secure connection protocol.


Bank card payments. Each bank card is charged at the moment of purchase so as the personal data of clients (number, expiry date and CVV code) do not get stored in any database. This is done to avoid their use for other purposes.

User’s agreement. The user accepts the established terms and conditions by pressing the button

“Proceed to order”.

Change of shipping address (for international orders). Once your order is shipped, there is no possibility of changing the shipping details. If you wish to change your shipping address, the best option will be to wait till your order reaches the destination country and then claim it in the Post Office corresponding to the address provided originally. Otherwise your order will be shipped back to Spain.